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This Discussion has been locked.
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Posted By Topic: Rules & Regulations       - Views: 73674
10-Sep 2005 Saturday 5:59 PM (6885 days ago)
born569, EvertonSouza, Markerting1 and 44 others  47 Likes  
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Dear registered Members,

We seek your help to keep this forum fun and harmonious, tidy and neat.
Thus, kindly go Thru the stated commandments here.
Thank you for your time and understanding.

Yours sincerely,
The AsianBookie Team

  • No Profanity/Vulgarities and Flamming.This includes Political, Religious and Racist remarks.

  • Suggestions, differences of opinion, and humour are always welcomed and appreciated, but flamming at any time will not be tolerated and warrants a warning or ban depending on severity. Any such cases should be reported via and be left to the authorities to handle.


A hostile, often unprovoked, message directed at a participant of an internet discussion forum.

  • No Advertising. Not even mentioning or asking of any website names. This Includes Gambling websites, Phonetips, Paysites, Soccer Websites, etc.
    Advertisement means advertising of any kind (including signature, avatar, username, profile, etc.)

  • DO NOT ask for Bookie/Runner or post your personal details.Offenders will be banned.

  • DO NOT flood the forums.
  • Please Post relevant picks in the respective soccer forums.Threads may be moved or deleted without prior notice. Especially NO POSTING OF scores except in Livescore Forum.Offenders WILL BE WARNED.

  • NO PENDING THREADS. Post only when you will as they generate unnecessary traffic.

  • Administrators and Moderators are here to ensure the forums are staying within peace. Please respect them and DO NOT challenge.
  • Any disputes should be dealt with via Reports and Complains Forum. Administrators and Moderators have the last say and final decision.

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born569, EvertonSouza, Markerting1 and 44 others  47 Likes  
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This Discussion has been locked.

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